Friday, October 8, 2010

I Heart Faces- Constructive Feedback Friday

Today on I Heart Faces they wanted you to share a photo you wanted help and advice on fixing. I love this shot of my girl, but it has been giving me trouble because of the orange cast from her umbrella on her skin.

ISO 200   49mm    f/5.6    1/250sec.

This was my attempt to correct it in PSE. As you can see though, the color still isn't right. 


Brittany Junghans Photography October 08, 2010  

I love this photo the way it is :) <3 the contrast <3 the bright colors as well..good job.

Kara October 08, 2010  

Ok, here are my edits: I made a private blog post just for you! :)

Anonymous October 08, 2010  

Such a lovely picture. I do agree with you on the orange cast so I got rid of it. I use PSPX2 to edit my images. I sharpened the image up and I have a filter on the program to mute reds so I did that as well as adjusted brightness/shadows/highlights levels. Here's the result:

Jami October 08, 2010  

I am not a professional photographer, but to be perfectly honest, I really like the color cast and the contrast you already have going (in your edit). You could tweak this or that, but when you edit too much to remove the reds, very often the skin goes pale and "dead" looking in my opinion.

Sarah October 08, 2010  

I edited your awesome photo and put it on flickr. I added some yellow, lightened the photo, and brightened the eyes. Thanks for letting me play with your photo. :)

Sarah October 08, 2010  

Oops, here is the link

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